Reusable fabric masks

Wearing your mask in public

Make sure your mask is comfortably and securely positioned on your face before leaving your safe environment. Do not adjust or fiddle with your mask once out in public. Mask must rest on the bridge of your nose and fit snugly around your jaw line.  It must not be too close to your eyes as this will cause irritation. Upper tie goes over your ears and around the back of your head. Pull the tie tight and knot if necessary. Lower tie can be worn around the back of your neck or looped across the top of your head to create a closer fit under the chin if required. Make sure your mask does not move or slide down when you talk, yawn on cough.

Masks dramatically reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19 but are not 100% safe, respect social distancing! Wash your hands thoroughly and regularly. Wash mask after every use and discard if damaged in any way.

Important: Wash mask before use!

Thoroughly wash in warm soapy water, before first use and after every wear.  It is recommended that you have at least 2 masks if you plan to go out regularly. Air dry. Medium heat iron. If your mask has elastic take care when ironing or heating in any way as the elastic might easily melt. Do not tumble dry above 70ºC. Do not boil or heat above 70ºC. Bleach only if necessary but it will affect the colour.

Wholesale available

 If you order more than 50 masks you qualify for wholesale price. Send an email to for more information